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Conway, Ann (2010) A critical reflection on the research into the motives and choice behaviour of mature, non-national students enrolling and progressing in a part-time, night time hospitality management program within the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism, Dublin Institute of Technology. Working paper submitted as partial fulfulment of the EdD at the University of Sheffield.


This paper reviews a micro-research study into mature, part-time, night-time students’ motives and choice behavior as they enroll in, and progress in a third level institution. A critical reflection on this research process outlining the advantages of its design and implementation and also highlighting its limitations and ethical concerns will be conducted. It will briefly review some of the literature in the areas of students as consumers and their motives for learning and being part of an educational institution while guiding the focus from the research design, the methodology and methods employed to conduct the interviews. As transcripts or analysis of the interviews were not required a digital copy of the recordings is available. .