What Science Fiction Tells us About the Future of Food

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Environmental sciences, Climatic research, Water resources, 1.6 BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, Genetics and heredity, Entomology, Biodiversity conservation, Human genetics, Agriculture, Agricultural biotechnology and food biotechnology, Agricultural biotechnology related ethics, 5.4 SOCIOLOGY, Environmental sciences (social aspects, 6. HUMANITIES, Ethics, Studies on Film

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This piece has been published by RTE Brainstorm in September 2018.


The science fiction genre has always been a hotbed for questions about the existence of life and what it means to be human. Food is necessary to sustain life, but is also a key indicator of culture. One of the things that fascinates us about science fiction is how an imagined future culture might look. Food, like fashion, music, transport or architecture plays a role, usually a functional one, in building the scenes needed for us to understand and relate to the narrative.