Many modern sports stadia around the world consume large amounts of energy during their dayto- day operations. With the cost of this energy constantly on the rise, the challenge of managing this uncontrolled cost has become increasingly more important for the successful and sustainable operation of these facilities. It is essential that some form of energy management system be embraced by these sports stadia.

This paper is a case study on Aviva Stadium’s recent implementation of the ISO 50001 Energy Management System. The authors identify the potential challenges and benefits of implementing the ISO 50001 Energy Management System in sports stadia. Final certification to the standard came on the 25th of September 2013 making Aviva Stadium the first stadium in the world to have achieved thirdparty certification to the ISO 50001 standard.

This paper can act as a guide for other stadia wishing to adapt ISO 50001 to their venue, especially since it resulted in a €1 million energy cost avoidance over a three-year period.