About This Journal

Level3 is an open access, occasional, online journal devised in 2003 as a means of capturing and disseminating the variety and quality of research output and innovatory practices within the Dublin Institute of Technology. It was also envisaged as a medium to extend the philosophical and theoretical dimensions of third-level pedagogies and policies, offering a forum for critique of in-house, national and international policies, practices and emerging trends.

Since then the scope of the journal has extended to an international community of authors with articles in more than one language. The content of the journal has also extended to include the themes of meta-policies in education, industry research, student research, discipline-specific research, and sectoral education and training.

Special themed issues of Level3 are published from time to time.

We intend to maintain the original, non-commercial ethos of the journal by encouraging its focus on critical scholarship and independent thinking and by ensuring that authors continue to fully own their own writing.

Potential authors are welcome to discuss a submission at any time, and in response to our annual CALL for items.