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Catherine Bates and Elena Gamble (2011), "Alternatives to industrial work placement at Dublin Institute of Technology. Higher Education Management and Policy, Vol. 23/2,


In the current economic crisis, higher education graduates need transferable professional skills more than ever. They need resourcefulness, an ability to work reflectively, a sense of civic awareness and an impressive curriculum vitae. This case study analyses how Dublin Institute of Technology’s Programme for Students Learning With Communities provides cost-effective, sustainable solutions to these needs, offering an alternative to industrial work placement. Community-based learning and research involve collaboration between staff and/or students and community partners to design real-life, course-based projects which meet the learning needs of the students and those of the community. The programme not only enriches the curriculum; it also builds links with communities and brings additional resources to the educational institution, while allowing the institution to fulfil its three main roles of teaching, research and outreach, simultaneously.

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