Travailler en Irlande: Vidéos Pédagogiques pour l'Apprentissage du Francais à Visée Professionelle

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Made available in the National Digital Learning Repository in 2011.


This is a body of French language learning material which introduces students to the professional life of French expatriates working in Ireland. Interviewees provide an insight into their backgroud, their experience, their interests in Ireland and the links they may still keep with France. They represent a variety of professions (research, business, art, etc) thereby accommodating a range of learners' motivtions. The focus on the professional aspect of French expatriates helps learners to acquire transferable skill and gain an insight into cultural differences. It targets both language learners and language teaching professionals in Ireland. Each video has an associated transcript and pedagogic materials to facilitate students' learning and to enrich lecturers' teaching resources. In addition, the project's flexible format and its e-learning dimension facilitates autonomous learning. Target learners include learners of French with B1 level according to the Commoin European Framework of Reference, learners of applied French and learners of French preparing for the Paris Chamber of Commerce Citations