A Portrait of Jane

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New music journal, October, 2017.



1976 was an auspicious year for contemporary music in Ireland. Jane O’Leary, who had arrived in Ireland in 1972, fresh from PhD composition studies with Milton Babbitt at Princeton University, created the contemporary music ensemble, Concorde. Wind the clock forward to 2017 and we find both Jane O’Leary and Concorde thriving. Jane formed Concorde to allow Irish audiences the opportunity to hear new music live in concert. Since then Concorde has travelled worldwide promoting new music from Ireland and across the globe. Jane has always been an artist who composes, performs, curates, advocates and most of all collaborates. Her selfless advocacy and promotion of new music in Ireland for over forty years has seen her at the centre of new developments and fresh initiatives, constantly searching and renewing her own passion for imaginative music making.