Submissions from 2011


Clinical Coverage of an Archetype Repository Over SNOMED-CT., Sheng Yu, Damon Berry, and Jesus Bisbal

Submissions from 2007

Dual-frequency Circularly-polarized Patch Antenna with Compact Size and Small Frequency Ratio, Xiulong Bao and Max Ammann

Submissions from 2006


A New Eccentric Geomagnetic Dipole to give the Correct Dip Pole Locations, Annraoi De Paor and Ted Burke

Submissions from 2005


The Human Eye Position Control System in a Rehabilitation Setting, Yvonne Nolan, Ted Burke, C. Boylan, and Annraoi De Paor

Submissions from 2004


A Vocalisation-based Drawing Interface for Disabled Children, Ted Burke


A System for Monitoring Pressures and Spinal Curvature in Spinally Injured People Immobilised on a Spinal Raft, Ruairi De Frein, Eoin Flinn, and Ted Burke

Submissions from 2003

From Passive to Active Electronic Healthcare Records, Jesus Bisbal, Jane Grimson, William Grimson, and Damon Berry