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Paper presented at the Ninth IT & T Conference, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland, 22nd. - 23rd. October, 2009.


Human-computer interactions can be greatly enhanced by the use of 3D avatars, representing both human users and computer systems in 3D virtual spaces. This allows the human user to interface with the computer system in a natural and intuitive human-to-human dialog (human face-to-face conversation). Hence, continuing to blur the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds. This proposed avatar system will go a step further and will use a camera to track the user’s head and eye movements during the dialog. This information will help to build rapport between the user and computer system by registering the user’s emotional state and level of interest. The system will adjust the dialog according to this information paying special attention to the user’s feedback. For example, one obvious benefit for head and eye tracking will be to allow the avatar to make and keep realistic eye contact with the user, but there is lots of room to expand on these techniques in this research.