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Forthcoming themed issue on 'Criminology in Ireland'

Context: Ireland has undergone many socio-cultural changes in the initial years of the 21st century, including a prevailing perception that serious crime and criminality is on the increase. Nonetheless, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) statistics on crime published in July 2011 indicate a downward trend in criminal activity in many categories. These dichotomous perspectives provide a contested platform for Irish criminologists who wish to research the salient issues surrounding crime in Ireland.

The Irish Journal of Applied Social Studies will publish a special issue on Criminology in 2013.

Contributors include Anne Costello: Learning for Liberation, Teaching for Transformation: Can education in prison prepare prisoners for active citizenship? Kevin Warner: Regimes in Irish Prisons: ‘inhumane’ and ‘degrading’: an analysis and the outline of a solution. Catherine MacNamara and Patricia Mannix-McNamara: Placing the Promotion of Health and Well Being on the Irish Prison Agenda - the complexity of health promotion in Irish prisons. Paul Gavin: No place for children: A case for the abolition of child imprisonment. Graham Tolan and Mairead Seymour: Increasing the potential for diversion in the Irish criminal justice system: The role of the Garda Síochána adult cautioning scheme. Susan Leahy: Bad laws or bad attitudes? Assessing the impact of societal attitues upon the conviction rate for rape in Ireland.

Guest Editor: Dr. Liam Leonard, Institute of Technology, Sligo.

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Forthcoming themed issue on 'Protecting children in a changing world'

The papers in this special issue shall be based on the Keynote addresses and Masterclass presentations of the 13th ISPCAN European Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, held in Dublin, September 2013.

Contributors include Jenny Gray (ISPCAN President), Marian Quinn (Tallaght West Childhood Development Initiative), Marie Keenan (University College Dublin), Alberto Pellai (Milano State University), Aron Shlonsky (University of Toronto), Regina Jensdottir (Council of Europe), Harriet Ward (Loughborough University), Marit Skivenes (University of Bergen), Peter Lachman (Great Ormond Street Hospital, London).

This special issue is scheduled for publication in Spring 2014.