Forthcoming Issues

Forthcoming themed issue on 'Protecting children in a changing world'

The papers in this special issue shall be based on the Keynote addresses and Masterclass presentations of the 13th ISPCAN European Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, held in Dublin, September 2013.

Edited by Kevin Lalor, DIT and Helen Buckley, TCD.

Contributors include Jenny Gray (ISPCAN President), Marian Quinn (Tallaght West Childhood Development Initiative), Marie Keenan (University College Dublin), Alberto Pellai (Milano State University), Aron Shlonsky (University of Toronto), Regina Jensdottir (Council of Europe), Harriet Ward (Loughborough University), Marit Skivenes (University of Bergen), Peter Lachman (Great Ormond Street Hospital, London).

This special issue is scheduled for publication in 2015.

Forthcoming themed issue on 'The construction of Otherness in Ireland'

Draft title: “Irish history is not a closed shop”: A multidisciplinary approach to post-Mary Robinson Ireland.

Edited by Dr E. Hidalgo-Tenorio, Senior Lecturer in English Linguistics, University of Granada.

This themed collection is designed to examine from an interdisciplinary perspective the old and new discourses of Otherness generated in a changing Irish society. In the last decades, the economic boom has encouraged alternate notions of Irishness based on Ireland’s contemporary heterogeneity, mainly derived from the growing migrant intake. This has led to the coexistence of white Catholic Irish descendants with other ethnicities and religious backgrounds in a now multicultural society. In an almost rigid political landscape, mainstream political parties Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour have given space to other parties with new agendas demanding renovated ways of selling their ideas to the electorate. Thus, the condition of some minorities has markedly improved (e.g. women and homosexuals). In this context, images of less privileged groups are continually produced; in some cases, these are moulded as a result of prejudice towards them or from fear of those who are conceived of as different. This collection of papers will aim to scrutinise the (discriminatory) viewpoints held about Muslims, migrants, womanhood, the Travellers, the poor, gays and lesbians, to mention but a few, in a corpus mainly consisting of documentaries, news articles, political speeches and debates produced over the last fourteen years, as well as posters, videos, tweets and other multimodal materials used in the most recent election campaigns.

This special issue is scheduled for publication in 2015.

Forthcoming themed issue on 'Social Care, Social policy and Social Justice '

The papers in this special issue shall be based on papers given at the Conference of the same name, held in DIT Grangegorman in February 2015.

Guest Editors: Karen Smith (DIT), Anne Marie Shier (DIT), Kevin Murphy (ITB), Margaret Fingleton (ITT).

This special issue is scheduled for publication in 2016.