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In Electronics Letters, 28 September 2006, Vol. 42, pp.1129-1130. ISSN: 0013-5194 Digital Object Identifier: 10.1049/el:20062015 Available from This paper appears in: Electronics Letters Publication Date: 28 September 2006 Volume: 42 , On page(s): 1129 - 1130 Number of Pages: 1129 - 1130 ISSN: 0013-5194 INSPEC Accession Number:9167975 Digital Object Identifier: 10.1049/el:20062015 Current Version Published: 2006-10-09


A novel single-layer, single-feed concentric annular-ring microstrip patch antenna providing triple-frequency operation is proposed and experimentally studied. This is achieved by embedding a small circular patch into a dual stub-loaded concentric annular-ring structure and by employing a cross-slot in the ground plane. The proposed technique can provide triple-band operation and reduce the antenna size by over 50% compared to the conventional annular-ring patch antenna for a given frequency. Experimental results show the proposed antenna to have impedance bandwidths of 6.38, 6.30 and 35% for the three bands, at 1.17, 1.428 and 1.9 GHz, respectively. The proposed structure is capable of realising a dramatically small frequency ratio. The measured radiation patterns for each band are presented