Dublin Gastronomy Symposium


DGS 2016

Timetable now available here and full programme here.

Full-text papers now available here (day 1) and here (day 2).

We are delighted to announce that there will be a broad range of revolutionary topics debated at the 2016 symposium.

Topics include: Poitin, whiskey, wine, craft beer, hard cider, tea, coffee and Coca Cola. Molecular gastronomy, note by note cooking, modernist cuisine. Revolution in cuisine in relation to the Mediterranean, New Zealand, Haiti and Chicago. Food security and power, shrinking diversity and revolution. The Irish Rebellion 1916 in terms of baking and confectionary. World War 1 and World War 2 and food. Revolution in food production, service and publishing. Education, art and diplomatic dining.

Add in a number of wonderful meals, an award winning keynote speaker in Rachel Laudan and good Irish hospitality, ensuring that the Dublin Gastronomy Symposium 2016 should be a memorable event. Please see our online map for locations and directions.

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